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Remember that health includes the entire body as a whole. Relieving stress and controlling your environment is a great way to improve your quality of life.  Stress has many risk factors and can be potentially harmful to the body.   Think of a time when you have yelled or became highly upset. Think about your body at that time.  Your head, heart and overall muscles.  The adrenaline, blood and hormones can all be at risk when you allow stress to overtake you.  Following these basic maintenance tips is a great way to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Relaxation - Find ways to relax and release the stresses of everyday life.  Children are miniature images of us and basically what we need is very similar to what they need.  Exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, relaxing to soft music and even writing poetry or journal excerpts are just a few outlets that will aid the relaxation process.

Be Aware of Environment - Avoiding bad toxins from pollution, 2nd hand smoke and chemicals will support a better environment for everyone.  As a Champion Parent we must always provide a safe environment for our children. 

Limit Process Foods - Processed food generally contain excessive amounts of preservatives which is also high in sodium.  Sodium in high dosages is bad on the heart.  High sodium leads to problems with hypertension, obesity and diabetes just to name a few. Process foods are usually containing a high volume of salt, fat and sugar. Cutting them out will help to decrease health risk.

Maintain a Healthy Weight - Rapid weight gain draws heavily on the heart because it stresses and puts high pressure on the way in which the blood flows.  These issues may cause problems with the heart.  Losing weight gives us a great advantage toward a healthier lifestyle.

Support Groups - Join a support group that will help to keep you, your family and your children health conscious.   When we do things on our own it sometimes creates the attitude that “No one is watching”!  We must change that mentality.  We also adopt the feeling that “we have made it”, when we lose a bit of weight.  Especially if folks can see the weight-loss.

Group Resources

Body Me in Love (Health, Wellness & Physical Fitness Support Group)

Body Me in Love is a support group for those in need and those who want to give healthy living tips.  Healthy Living involves eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, getting enough rest (sleep) and adopting a positive attitude.  Body Me in Love is about being embraced in the kind of love that will encourage you to take care of yourself.  This simply means that we accept what’s good for us and reject what’s not good for us.  Taking care of our total bodies for the sole purpose of being spiritually, physically and mentally healthy.  We must embrace relaxation techniques and participate in activities to improve our quality of life.  In here we learn, and we share!!  Remember to take care of you!

Resources for Healthy Living  

Let's Get Healthy

Healthy Detroit

Authority Health

​Camela Douglass, M.S. ED., Author of L.I.T. FOR LIFE and owner of Mosha Fitness and Mo Better Me, “Exposes the psychological health issues that surround the unmotivated individual and presents realistic techniques to live”.

​​Basic Stress Maintenance

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