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Our goal is to uplift, inform, and engage mothers and fathers by providing information and resources to inspire positive parental engagement.

Mentoring & Support Services

Donations sponsor our free workshops and free resources we provide to parents. We will always provide a receipt.

Mentoring creates a positive impact and a longlast effect on the lives of youth. Mentors offer steady support, hope, wise guidance, experience, and critical encouragement. Overall, mentors are generally invested in youth continued success and can provide needed guidance. Mentoring gives youth an opportunity for needed personal support and to learn important skills from their mentor.  It is a valuable service and can greatly assist the lives of both the mentor and mentee. Below listed are some resources for mentoring services and to locate a potential mentor:

Boys & Girls Club

Mentoring Michigan

Metro Parent

Julie’s List

With A Smile Mentoring

Friends for Youth Mentoring